Why should you train with Dan Hall?

There are many benefits to personal coaching, namely flexibility, but also in that it is open to all fitness and experience levels - many start off with no previous experience, whilst others may be seasoned athletes or fitness enthusiasts. Dan will create a programme that suits you.

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Establish a healthy lifestyle

Our training programs have two primary objectives. The first is to achieve results on a short time scale, typically over 6 – 24 weeks. This means you will be training hard and eating the kind of food that is going to help you achieve your goal. The other focus is on your health ten years from now.

Truly Bespoke

Your program will be written from scratch to your unique goals, exercise experience and circumstances. The highly custom nature of our programs means that we remove wasted effort and guesswork from your exercise regime

Train toward multiple goals

Our programs offer more than just a rapid body transformation we’ll also address issues of mobility, poor posture and help you build an overall healthier body and lifestyle

On going education

Every aspect of your training program will be fully explained as you go along, constantly adding to your understanding of your body and key fitness principles. This will equip you to fully handle your own training if we part ways.

Training with Dan Hall

Our programs offer more than just a rapid body transformation


Online personal training

A truly custom made training program & experience

Online Personal Training

Get in contact!

If you want to chat about my personal training sessions or any of the other options you’ve seen that tickle your fancy just drop me a message!

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